Dealing with Stress

A mother of two came to my office feeling deeply depressed. She described herself as a very negative person who was alienating her husband and friends. After a number of sessions, it became clear that she was experiencing extraordinary stress. Her elderly mother was abusing alcohol and calling numerous times a day to vent her feelings. Her husband devoted himself to his work and took no interest in his children or her, yet wanted her to be emotionally supportive and loving to him. One of her children was born with disabilities and required constant care. She found it easier to blame herself than to attempt to overcome all these impossible challenges.

Over the course of a few years, this woman developed a strong support network of friends. She found a way to engage her husband in marriage counseling. She found an affordable treatment and long-term care facility for her mother. She returned to college, finished her degree, and found a fulfilling part-time job. She increasingly felt she was an interesting and effective person. She found herself more energetic and satisfied with her life.