About Dr. Dunnigan

Dr. Timothy DunniganMy name is Dr. Timothy Dunnigan and I am a California licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY10592). I completed my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1986 and have helped people my own practice for since 1987.

What I enjoy most about my work is that it allows me to get to know people. I feel privileged that people allow me to help them.

I will occasionally share my personal information if I feel it can help a client put something in their life into perspective.

I believe that trust is most important in a therapy relationship. Clients have to know their therapist will act only in the client’s best interest.

Trust has to be earned.

Therapy Style

In my practice, I work with adults who are feeling troubled about life. For instance, they might be unhappy with what they have achieved in their profession or personal relationships. They may be experiencing anxiety or depressed moods. They may find themselves emotionally over-sensitive to life events. They may feel out of control and have trouble relating to others.

Some clients don’t have specific goals. They just want to understand themselves better. They may want to better understand experiences in their lives. Some people take the dictum “know thyself” very seriously and stay in therapy for more than a year. Other people will deal with a particular situation and then move-on.

I work with people to help them understand more about their lives and how they characteristically react to life-situations. I believe it is my job to help my clients develop and honest and objective perspective on their lives. This often includes helping people better understand their own feelings, wishes, and fears. It may include helping a person understand how other view him or her. It may include understanding why he or she reacts in a particular way, throughout life, even when it leads to problems or dissatisfaction.

Beginning Therapy Consultations

At the first session, we discuss why the client is seeking consultations and what he or she would like to achieve in therapy.

I take some time to learn about a client’s background and current life.

We agree on a schedule of treatment and establish times to meet.

Periodically we’ll revisit the client’s goals and evaluate how well we are progressing.

Fees and Payments

The initial consultation is fifty minutes and $150.
Regular forty-five minute sessions are $125.

I accept cash, check or credit card payment at the time of the session. If a client cannot attend a scheduled session, I would like twenty-four hours notice of cancellation. Otherwise the client will need to pay for the full session.

I will provide monthly statements if a client wishes to be reimbursed from their insurance company.

Phone Policy

I do not use e-mail or telephone for the therapeutic process. In an emergency I will attempt to provide some guidance. E-mail and telephone are acceptable for matters such as making or canceling appointments.

I check my telephone messages throughout the working day and return calls promptly. I periodically check calls on weekends and will return those calls on the next business day.

For times I am out of town, a professional colleague will be on call for me.


My office hours are Monday through Friday, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.